Oil Painting By Jozsef Csiszar - Autumn



Wood frame
Oil Painting
Width: 22-5/8 inch
Height: 18-3/4 inch
Wood frame width: 3 inch
Artist: Jozsef Csiszar ( Hungarian Artist )
Made in Hungary
Condition: Excellent

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Jozsef Csiszar was born in Sümeg, Hungary in 1946. In 1960 he began to work at the porcelain manufactory in Herend. After a decade he became one of the best artist of the Herend factory in 1972 he received the BNV price at the international fair in Budapest for an octagonal Kagoshima vase, in 1976 the great price of the Budapest fair for a 120 cm vase. His fantastic porcelain paintings brought immense success at other exhibitions in Vienna, Copenhagen and Bern He wanted more flexibility with his brush and paint not on porcelain only, but also on canvas. The factory management did not support his wish to continue his education so he left the Herend factory and began to work as an individual artist.

The exhibition of the first 30 hunting paintings and several porcelain pieces with hunting scenes in Sopron, Hungary in April 1980 was a great success. Exhibition in August 1980 at the university of Agriculture in Gödöllö. A quote from the guest book: “ Only someone in love with nature can create such magnificent, true-to-life paintings.” In 1981 – he spent few months in Tanzania (Serengeti, Manyara and Arusha National Parks) to study the animal kingdom of Africa. In 1981 2 gold medals at the World Hunting Exhibion in Bulgaria. After 1983 exhibitions in Nuremberg, Munich, Dortmund, Hamburg. After 1984 his paintings are shown in America, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

Mr. Csiszar became famous with his fantastic oil paintings, but he is still creating wonderful porcelain pieces as well. He is an art director and designer at Ajka Porcelain.  The Hungarian Ajka factory is producing one of the highest quality hand paintings on porcelain available in Europe today.

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